SGCH Colquitt's Jenifer *M: Saanen Matriarch
By Sue Estrada 
El Rey Sol Dairy Goats - California

There comes a time when just the right forces come together. When that combination of genetic material melds and meshes into something special. Oh, we like to think we plan it that way, but in most cases its just serendipity. This is a story about just such a moment in time. And that mesh of good genes came to be known as SGCH Colquitt's Jenifer *M.

In the fall of 1986, Linda Eder Colquitt was looking for a 4-H dairy goat project for her son, Jon, that would not compete with mother's Toggenburgs. A local Southern California FFA Saanen herd was selling out, so the family went to look over the offerings and came away with a dry yearling, Coles Cee Bar Ranch Maple. 

Maple was a correct yearling with excellent feet and legs. She was bred shortly thereafter to Longden Acres MS Maxim, a correct young buck bred and owned by Nancy Lake of Norco, California. Maxim's dam was a small doe with a pretty, well-attached udder. The stage was set. Jenifer and a buck were born the following spring. But before they arrived, Jon decided he didn't want to be in goats so he gave Maple to his little sister, 6-year-old Suzanne. 

Unfortunately, Maple was culled from the herd because she didn't freshen with a good udder. Suzanne was too young to be in 4-H, so she and Jenifer hit the open shows. Jenifer wasn't too impressive as a kid and only placed in the middle of the classes at the couple of shows they went to. But as a dry yearling, Jenifer started to show her promise, developing into a powerful young doe. 

     What a sight were seven-year-old Suzanne and Jenifer at the shows. Jenifer was far bigger than Suzy, but Suzy could do anything with her. She was a great companion for hyperactive Suzy and Suzy took her everywhere, including to the top of the bleachers at the Del Mar Fair. The great Saanen temperament proved itself as Jenifer just stood there calmly chewing her cud when a missed step could have spelled disaster for both of them. They were fine - mom Linda was the one having the heart attack! 

To show the very large Jenifer, Suzanne would hold the chain at shoulder height to keep her head up. She would then set the front feet and press the loin to set the hind feet. She could not reach the hind feet to place them. Jenifer finished her dry yearling season as the Junior Champion at the Los Angeles County Fair.

That year the Colquitt's won a breeding in a raffle to a young, unproven buck that Nancy Lake (Longden Acres) had. Miss Willa's Nero Wolfe was a complete outcross and they decided to try it on Jenifer. Stage two was about to begin. 

A little about Nero Wolfe, since he figures prominently in this story. He was sired by *B Sartyr Doctor D who in his turn is a son of ++*B Companeros Voice of Reason and GCH Sartyr Sunshine Funny Girl. The dam of Nero Wolfe was CH Miss Willa's Miss Marple 5-05 87 VEVV, a daughter of *B Sartyr Sunshine Ethan Edward. 

In the spring of 1989, Jenifer gave birth to a buck and a doe. These twins were the first of Jenifer's legacy to the Saanen breed. The doe was Stacy and the buck was Wolfman Jack.

As a two-year-old first freshener, Jenifer was endowed with a gorgeous udder and very quickly obtained her CH in open showing with Suzanne at the collar. She went Grand Champion at he Del Mar Fair by the time Suzy was old enough to start in the 4-H division where she showed Jenifer for the next couple of years.

To back track a little let's return to Maple, Jenifer's dam. She also had a twin sister, Thumper, who was purchased at the same time as Maple by Daniel Slota, who was Suzanne and Jon's cousin. Thumper was also culled by the Slota's for the same reason as Maple - lack of a goo udder. But also like Maple, Thumper produced an outstanding daughter, GCH Danby's Crystal. Crystal was Ai'ed to ++*B Coyoteville's Lothario and produced a buck, Danby's Don Quixote. It was to this buck that Jenifer was bred for the second time and produced twin does - Fluffy and Frosty.

Jenifer was bred in 1991, 1992 and 1993 to Miss Wilaa's Nero Wolfe with only two bucks surviving - Jacob and Joe. Her final freshening was in the spring of 1994 when she produced a buck , Eder's Friendly Sennsation. The sire of this buck was her own grandson, SG Colquitt's Director.

Let's look at each of these offspring individually:

SGCH Colquitt's Stacy: 7 x Best in Show in the 1990-92 show seasons in Southern California. Linear appraised 2-02 90 VEEE. Dam of SG Colquitt's Director who is sired by SG Saanendoah Friendly Persuasion (past #2 Saanen buck on the USDA Sire Summary). 2000, the first National Saanen Breeders Assoc. "Total Doe".

SG ++*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack (littermate to Stacy): The buck kid born to Jenifer in 1989 was purchased by longtime Saanen breeder, Judy Morrison of the Cherrypines herd located in Cherry Valley, California. He was used mainly on her does at first and the occasional 4-H doe.

Judy had a doe from the Hagen's Acres herd, GCH Zina, and Jack was bred to this doe and produced what is termed in horse breeding as a "nick". From this mating no less than four GCH daughters were produced. Super Starlet, Door Prize, Foxie Freddie and Glamour Puss. "Stary", "Door", and "Freddie" were the first place produce of dam at the 1995 National Show in Salem, Oregon - all sired by Jack. 


SGCH Cherrypines Super Starlet: "Stary"  in her career was over 20 times GCH, three times Best in Show, including twice Grand and once Best Udder in Show at the California State Fair, and Best Udder and Best in Show at the 1996 District VIII Saanen Specialty at the Los Angeles County Fair. Linear appraised 92 EEEE.

GCH Cherrypines Door Prize: LA 90 VEVE
GCH Cherrypines Glamour Puss: LA 90 VEEE
GCH Foxie Freddie: LA 85 +E+V (1st place milking yearling at the 1996 ADGA National Show).

Also at the 1996 Saanen Specialty, Jack's daughters placed Grand, Reserve Grand, Junior Champion, Best Udder, Best in Show and won all the group classes. The top 1st - 5th Saanen placings in all classes were dominated by direct descendents of the matriarch herself, Jenifer, and this story repeated at most shows where they attended here in the southwestern part of the county.

We could go on but space is limited. Suffice is to say that this author has used Jack extensively and has found the he greatly improves general appearance, udders are good to outstanding and his get move with graceful freedom essential for longevity.

For his last years, until his passing in the spring of 1998, Jack was under the excellent care and management of Joyce Lazzaro (Saanendoah herd) of Winchester, California. 

SGCH Colquitt's Fluffy:  FS88 VE+V, 9 x GCH, 5 x RGCH. Fluffy was the result of the crossing of Jenifer on Danby's Don Quixote, a close cousin. Fluffy was always a top show animal, but had to stand in line with all of her close family members. She nonetheless managed to pull quite a few championships out of the hat among this stiff competition. Her offspring include GCH Cherrypines Tweedle Dum (Reserve Best Saanen Udder '99 ADGA National Show), GCH El Rey Sol Cactus Flower (2nd place junior kid at the '96 National Show, and Grand Champion & Best Udder, 99 Los Angeles Co. Fair) and El Rey Sol Grand Finale. All three of these does are active at the shows and have beautiful udders. The Jenifer legacy comes through again, as each of these granddaughters are sired by different bucks. The twin to Fluffy died suddenly shortly after her first freshening.

*B Colquitt's Jacob: This buck, the result of Nero Wolfe and Jenifer, was sold to Rose Hagen of Hagen's Acres. Overshadowed by his famous brother, Jacob has not been used much, but he too has top flight daughter in GCH Jason's Troopers Lil'Bonnie. Bonnie came from a FFA breeder and passed through a couple of herd before she was purchased by Andy and Sue Estrada of Hemet, California. She is also the granddaughter of Cherrypines Super Starlet, which makes her closely bred on Jenifer - top and bottom of the pedigree. And again, a wonderful udder, powerful general appearance and very smooth shoulders, hearken back to the matriarch.

+*B Eder's Friendly Sennsation: The final kid bestowed by Jenifer is Friendly Sennsation. Originally sold to Joe Pilotte, he lives now in the Acres Of Goats herd of David and Teena Spear, Glenwood, Indiana. This buck is inbred on Jenifer. Not only is he her son, but also her great grandson, as he is sired by Colquitt's Director, a son of daughter GCH Stacy. He is making his mark in the Midwest and a fabulous daughter should ensure future use of Jenifer's bloodline in this area of the country. Circle S Farm Arlene was Reserve National Champion and Best Udder at the 1998 ADGA National Show in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sennsation daughters and granddaughters were also part of both the first place Dairy Herd and second place Produce of Dam at the 1998 National Show, both entered by the Spears. Sennsation is not only improving general appearance but also production in the Acres Of Goats herd.

SG Colquitt's Director: Owned by Carol Mann of Old English Saanens, Chino Hills, California. Colquitt's Director FS 92 EEE, a huge, very popular buck in Southern California . He has many milking daughters and one of the most outstanding is CH Old English Poppy owned by FFA youth breeder Mary Salsman. Up until this time we have not mentioned milking records, but Director is the son of a past USDA Sire Summary #2 buck, Saanendoah Friendly Persuasion, one of the largest goats this author has seen. Director daughters are very large does with capacious udders to match. Combine this with outstanding general appearance, and it's a forgone conclusion that this buck would be popular.

Super Starlet: Already mentioned in the section on Jack, Stary produced the high selling goat of the 1997 ADGA Spotlight Sale in Tucson, Arizona, *B Cherrypines Startime. She also has quite a few sons working in herds around the country.

Jenifer's life as well as Stacy and Fluffy's productive lives were cut too short. The culprit may have been a then unrecognized severe copper deficiency in goats in Southern California and Arizona. Suffice it to say the immune system is compromised enough to cut short the lives of otherwise well-cared for animals.

The future is just unfolding for this third stage of Jenifer's legacy and it look promising indeed. Her genetics have been crossed on such far flung bloodlines as des Ruhigestelle, Companeros, Jug Tavern, Tim-Tam, Saanendoah and North Coast, just to name a few, with good to excellent results.

We, as serious breeders, hope that every mating, every crossing of top animals will produce that one animal, buck or doe, that will stand out in the breed. It's just like a game of dice, but when the right number come up, when the odds produce that super goat, the breed takes a great lap forward. And by dispersing these great genes as far and wide as possible, the entire breed will benefit, and so will we. GCH Colquitt's Jenifer's legacy is strong and through her sons and grandsons, the Saanen breed will continue to feel her impact.