The Story of Jasmine
By Linda Colquitt

This story starts 2 years ago in February ‘99 when I went with a friend to look at a used milking machine. I had a couple of years experience with one and he had never used one. A 4H family living near Judy Morrison (Cherrypines saanens) was selling out. They had about 4 saanen does, 4 la mancha does and a la mancha buck that all the does were bred to. And the milking machine.
We made a deal for the machine, then my friend RJ Harrell asked about the goats. He was maybe interested in the la manchas. I followed them over to the pen and leaned on the fence watching the goats while they talked. I wasn’t looking for any more goats. I already had TOO MANY! With my Eder’s toggs and my sons Colquitt’s alpines and only me now doing all the work I didn’t need a 3rd breed.
We had done 3 breeds in the past when my children were younger and helping with the chores. We had had a few saanens, most with the Colquitt herdname. My favorite doe of all time (& all 3 breeds) was GCH Colquitt’s Jenifer, dam of Wolfman Jack, Jacob, GCH Stacy, GCH Fluffy and Eder’s Friendly Sennsation. She was the sweetest tempered doe. When Jenifer died I was out of saanens to stay. I could still sort of dabble in them helping & advising my friends in southern California with their saanens (many of them descendants of Jenifer) without feeding more goats.
So I just leaned on the fence and listened. An all too common story. The 2 legged kids had lost interest. They were just throwing hay to the goats and the goats were not in the best of condition. While they were discussing la manchas, I was watching the saanens. The yearling had been bred way too young and her front legs were terribly bent. Definitely not a keeper I thought. The two mature does were dry and looked to be just OK does. The fourth was a coming two year old and would be freshening for the first time. Nice level topline and overall general appearance, especially from the side. A little hocky from the rear. Wonder what her breeding is? Doesn’t really matter, I’m not buying another goat!
“Her breeding? Not sure. We’ll have to get the papers.”
Her sire was *B Cherrypines Standard Time (sire of the top selling animal at the ‘98 Spotlight Sale). Her dams sire was +*B Cherrypines Hearts of Fire and her granddams sire was Cherrypines Big Bad Wolf. Her pedigree went back to Wolfman Jack at least 4 times, mostly thru the full sisters GCH Cherrypines Super Starlet and GCH Cehrrypines Door Prize.
Very impressive pedigree, I thought. Maybe good for another 4Her. Wonder how much they want.
“The goats are all $75 each. Just want to get rid of them.”
I’m not buying another goat! But.....she’s due to kid in about 6 weeks....maybe I could get some condition on her and if she doesn’t turn out I could just take her and her kids to the auction and probably make money. 
I found myself saying “I’ll take her”.
Gosh-Darn-Kids Jasmine was wild. When I got her home, coming out of the truck, she hit the end of the lead rope, snaped her chain and went flying down the street. I managed to head her off at my neighbors while RJ ran back to get one of my does, which she then followed back into the yard.
We caught her up, gave her all her shots and a copper bolus, drew blood for a CAE test(the herd was negative but I wanted to be sure) and penned her with a couple of my young does.
She freshened with two white la mancha does kids and a nice udder. Sold the kids for $50 each. She had already paid for herself and looks nice and has tamed down. Guess she can stay for a while and be my ‘token’ saanen. The saanens are very competitive in this area. She starts out placing 4th - 6th in most of the shows. At Linear Appraisal in june she score 86 VEVV, not bad for a first freshening 2 yr old.
Then at the ADGA Nat’l Show in Sacramento she places 6th in the 2 yr old class! And at the District VIII Specialty at the Los Angeles County Fair in Sept, she is 1st in her class. OK since I am keeping I should breed her to a saanen this year. Since she is so linebred on the nicest saanens in this area I decided to go into my tank. Many years ago when I was judging, I was very impressed with Steven Schacks does by Companeros Lots of Style and  I had gotten some of his semen from Joyce Lazzaro.
Jasmine had two does by Lots of Style, one I lost to probable FKS. The other, Eder’s Nouvelle Style(Ellie) is a large powerful correct doeling with a wonderful temperment, even thought she was dam raised.
Jasmine has really blossomed this year. She started the year at the 1st two double club shows going 3 x BIS and 1 x RGCH.  In june she Linear Appraised 90 VEEE. Also in june at Del Mar Fair she was GCH, BUIS (212 Sr does judged) and won the One Day Milking Competition (over 50 does competing) milking  16.2 lbs. Jasmine has not always won her class this year. She competes against Cherrypines and Old English does who have done their shared of winning. But she is not bad for a $75 goat. 

Think I’ll keep her.